As I mentioned a couple of days ago in amongst all the bustle of last week I had a eureka! moment.

I was wandering along some twisty paths on the internet.
Skipping from one link to another all the time thinking about 
the new sewing kits I am trying to develop.
I love this time of year. 
I know quite a few guys who join in with Movember
and I do so love a good bit of facial hair on a man.
When suddenly it all came together.
Temporarily shelved were the plans for a long list of animals and birds.
Out came the needle and thread.
Whizz whizz whizz.

Later that evening the Hippy and I were giggling like a couple of little kids striking poses with an array of fake moustaches.
Though I think the naming of the tash's was the best bit.
And so I bring you
The Lemmy

The Poirot

The Magnum

and The Dali.

Are you laughing yet?
I'm giggling just looking at the boys in these poses and
 I've been staring at these pictures all flipping day long!
Its half term so I have been a bit held back in developing the idea properly.
I thought I was nearly there today, but then the printer threw a wobbly so hopefully tomorrow...
After all I feel it needs to come together for the first day of Movember.
For every kit sold I will be making a £2 donation to the Movember foundation.
Hopefully they will be in my shop by tomorrow evening.
I can't recommend this enough to bring hilarity in to your life, and the kids love them!

Happy facial hair month to you all.
You can find more creative types here.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love these photos! Oh I needed a good laugh. So brilliant my friend! xo

  2. The 'Lemmy' ! *giggle*
    They are all totally awesome. The man of the house is taking part this year, but having never sported facial hair in his life is a bit dubious as to how he'll cope with the itch. : )

  3. brilliant idea and great photos!!! You've got budding catwalk fodder on your hands there.


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