Today has officially been a pyjama day.
Though sadly I did have to get dressed to go out and gather provisions from the supermarket.
I spent this afternoon downloading all the photos I have taken over the last week or so.
Its been a busy busy time,
 topped and tailed with workshops 
with a couple of eureka moments 
and catching up with friends old and new in between.
By way of a public service announcement I must warn you this post is heavy on the pictures.
Yesterday I held one of my regular children's sewing workshops.

This time we were making scary Halloween cloaks.

Spooky stuff eh?
At the end of the sessions we had sent the best part of 30 kids off to terrify large swathes of SW16.

Great fun, but really exhausting.

Last Sunday Was the allotted evening for Lola Nova's Sewing Whimsey workshop at Bermondsey Fayre.

I was so lucky to be able to help out, mainly with supplies, photo taking and of course witty banter!
It was fun to not have to be in charge but to be the glamourous assistant for a change.

To be honest I could waffle on about it for ages, but Laila one of the lovely ladies attending the class wrote about it so well I am just going to point you in her direction!

So pop over and have a lookie.
And the eureka moments?
Ah well if you tune back in a day or so I should have ironed out the wrinkles and be able to reveal all.
Hope you are warm and cozy in this chilly Autumnal weather and using your extra hour wisely!
Love Nora xxx 


  1. Lovely, lovely costumes, and the young models are beautiful, a joy to see. The ladies had much fun - I can see. And you are always behind the camera what a pity, I would like to see you once. Do you know the button for selftimer ......haha


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