As part of my grand sort out and clear up before moving house 
I have been sorting through the ribbon box.
Actually it is now two boxes one LARGE and one medium .
One for whole reels of ribbon and one for bits of ribbon to be used by the kids in the workshops.
This posed the question in my mind, "Can you have too much ribbon?"
I was really very surprised that the answer was 
So I have decided to have a mini de-stash / online yard sale.

If you fancy adding to your ribbon stash pop over to my folksy shop and check out the 

You never know it may be just what you have always needed.
And on a similar note I have also revamped and re-listed the free scrap bags.
I was worried that soaring postal costs was making the scrap bags too expensive.
So I have made them up in to smaller bags that I can now post at the cheaper rate of £1.20.
They are retailing at £0.20 as I can't list them for free and then its £1.30 for postage to cover that and the fees every one wants to charge.
These really are free fabric scraps.
I don't want to make money on them, just spread the textile love a bit further.
I am lucky to have a job where I use some really interesting and expensive fabrics.
If I don't give this stuff away it will only go to landfill.
The scrap bags are always fun and have some really fab bits of fabric and occasionally trim in them.
As the workroom sort out continues there will be more things looking for new and loving homes.
So keep tuned in.
All this and I haven't even started to sort through my lock up yet!
A very Happy Monday to you all.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Great achievement - well done. Scraps don't have to go to landfill, my local charity shop will take textiles for recycling, they sell them by weight to the recycling centre. Also we have a Scrap Store (which used to be run by the council now independent) which might well love your scraps!

  2. Too much ribbon? Surely not. What you have is too little space:o)
    Just remember 2 years from now you will be looking for the very thing you are about to throw out. Hope the pre-move clear out goes well.

  3. Aww, you've packaged these so pretty!! Good for you for being able to part with supplies - I'm a terrible craft supply hoarder!!


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