Even though Autumn is well and truly here, the evenings are chilly, quilts have been put on the beds and winter boots have been dug out of the back of the cupboard, this weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny.
I noticed not all of the plants in the garden have given up the ghost just yet.

The Hydrangea is just outside our front door and is making me happy every time I come home.

I have also been doing a little experimentation.
I've been thinking about this particular technique of machine embroidery for some time.

I first learnt about it here from Karen, but having still not actually finished my ledger course I signed up for in the summer, I haven't got as far as this bit yet.
But I was teaching my students how to free hand embroider last week and there was a large roll of scrim in the stock room, the room was empty at lunch time, the scene was set.

I love the lace like quality of it.
The hint of pink comes from using a bobbin in that colour while having white on top.
It was however really hard to photograph.
Think I need to invest in a light box.
I have great plans for this technique, but if it works it won't be looking quite so pretty next time.
Lets hope I can get my self in to gear, as I seem to have slipped in to a trough since finishing work last week.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Your hydrangea is such a beautiful color!!

    That embroidery is so neat. It really does look like delicate lace.

  2. The embroidery is so clever. I must get a hydrangea - they always look so beautiful, even when faded and papery.

  3. That reminds me, I need to cut the hydrangea before it starts to rain. Yours is lovely. I love that lace technique, very cool. Can imagine all sorts of projects to do with it!

  4. Loving the lace, I love its 'roughness' .

  5. I'm soooo much better at winter than summer. Wanna swap?

    As soon as I wrote that, I remembered yours is a serious winter. And mine is a serious summer. This is not a Win Win.

  6. Flaming Nora !!

    I am so loving that technique....MORE MORE....
    Will join you to wait for more...and more....

    Your in Anticipation....?

    Daisy J


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