Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I was once Flaming Nora.
Remember her?
Well I'm back now, I think.
Sorry I've been away so long.

Its been a bit of a month so far.
The house was sold, the house wasn't sold, the house may be sold, 
the house may not be sold.
Work is colossal and relentless.
The stress of keeping the house clean and tidy is mind blowing.
How is it as soon as the Hippy and the boys walk in the door of an evening every thing cascades in to instant chaos and filthy mess?
Deep breaths, it won't last for ever, soon I will look back and laugh.
As a result this lovely place has suffered.
I've been keeping sane with a spot of crochet.
Teaching my self how to make granny squares.

Yes I know I'm not sure how I can crochet an entire campfire scene and yet not be able to manage a simple granny square either.
But I can do it now, oh yes indeedie.
And must thank the Royal Sisters for the fantastic tutorial.
I've also been experimenting with making crochet trimming.

The ric-rack at the back is from a fantastic tutorial over at Foxs Lane. The rest of it is made up in my head. 
Nothing ground breaking or amazing, 
but I'm pleased to have worked it out all by my self.
So what have you all been up to?
Hope what ever it is its fun fun fun.
Love Nora xxx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

I'm all on my own.
My boys have all gone to visit Nana and Grandad.
By all accounts they are having a high old time.
I have been working a lot. 
Then when I have finished working I've  been cleaning and tidying like a mad woman.
But finally after us talking about it for a very long time we have put our lovely house on the market.
The final effort to get it all done has honestly nearly finished me off.
It looks amazing here, my friends all want to come round and marvel at the fact my house is actually tidy. First and last time I suspect.
I hate to think what will happen to anyone who even breaths wrong round here!
This morning I escaped while the estate agents were doing their thing.
I did something I never do these days.
I went and sat in a cafe. 

I drank tea.
I read a magazine.
I did a little light crochet.
I at a delicious toastie.
And very slowly I felt the clam return.
I came home and wandered from one clean, tidy and uncluttered room to another and thought how happy we have been here and how sad it will be to leave.
But all things do eventually come to an end and it is time to move on.
I spent the afternoon making some cards for friends.

Really happy with the way they turned out.
When they left the boys took our 5 visitors with them.
They have changed quite a bit since 
I last showed them to you. 

I'm rather sad that I will be missing their final transformation, but I am being kept up to date on their progress. Hopefully some one will remember to take some photos.
Have wonderful and relaxing weekends people.
Love Nora xxx