We have some new arrivals.

Teeny tiny little baby new arrivals.
Five little caterpillars.
The Bombshell's Grandmother sent him a present. 
The first part of the adventure is a pot of caterpillars arriving in the post.

They have all their food in the bottom of the pot. 
They are munching away.
They are growing up fast.
Some time this weekend if all goes according to plan they will start to pupate.
We are all very excited.
Our  own version of a very hungry caterpillar.
Tune in soon for further updates.
Love Nora xxx


  1. How gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing the updates too :) Kx

    p.s. I wonder how they felt going through the post and did any postperson along the way have any idea that they were handling live cargo? :))

  2. Hope the weather improves before it's time to let them fly! x


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