Way back when in the soggy damp days of I don't know when I foolishly decided that my summer wasn't full enough.

I turned my blind eye towards the enormous mountain of costumes pilling up on my cutting table. 
I turned my blind eye towards the ridiculous amount of knitting and crochet the Ninjas had to do.
I turned my blind eye towards the boys summer holidays.
I turned my blind eye towards all the work we are doing to the house to make it beautiful and presentable in the vague and vain hope that one day some one may buy it, 
and I signed up for a course.
You will be.
Because I actually signed up for two courses.
I am beginning to wonder if I had a touch of brain fever that evening.
I am trying to blame the Hippy, I mean when I told him what I was thinking of doing he did not laugh in my face and tell me I was insane.
But then again he never does no matter how stupid and hair brained my schemes are.
No he just shrugged and raised a quizzical eyebrow at me.
Of course the inevitable happened.
The course is in its last and final throws and I am just about nearly limping to the end of the final week of tasks.

I have been rather enjoying my self though.
It is called "An Embroiderer's Ledger" and is run by the ever amazing Karen Ruane.
Some of you may remember me taking one of her courses last year on button making.
Lots of work with colours and a bit of painting, stitching on paper and cloth, though I don't have any pictures of the cloth to show you yet.

I've been finding my way a bit with it all, but now really feel as though I have got in to my stride.
It will probably take me till next christmas to finish, but hopefully I will get there.
Though goodness only knows what I am going to do about course number the second which is supposed to be starting quite soon.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Looks very interesting and beautiful. Imagine how dull life would be if you didn't ram it full of projects though.

  2. Oh how wonderful! I think you are marvellous for trying new things and learning and expanding! See, this is what I miss about living in London too - there are so many things on all the time; so many things to learn and participate in. I would have loved doing this with you. It looks great too. Those other things will always be there and you still have loads of holidays left to hang out with the kids. Can't wait to see more :) Kx

  3. Hi Nora, I've been following this group on flickr, having done Karen's button course earlier this year. I've been so inspired by the work I've seen that I've signed up for September. Your pieces are lovely, beautiful colours.

  4. Ahhh, who can blame you for having your head in the 'Embroidery Ledger' sand. Life is not for playing it safe, it's for throwing yourself in! Bless your hippy. : )

  5. That looks lovely. I admire so much that kind of embroidered art. Just beautiful.

    Went and had a look at Karen Ruanes' blog - blimey her work is more than impressive! How do you ever get to that level of awesome?

    I would so do one of her courses if I could - nothing like that ever happens in these parts (well not that I hear of - the local college only offers boring creative courses - I regularly get their brochures and look at them hopefully.)

  6. Teacher here taking notes!! You have special dispensation to take all the time you want!

  7. Hello there! The course looks and sounds great! I admire you for taking part in this and the second one too. I hope, one day in the not too distant future, that I can sign up for some courses to stretch my brain a little ;-) I hope you are well and dandy and I'm sending you vibes for a happy and jolly weekend ahead,


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