Recently I have taken part in a couple of swaps.
I do love a good swapsie, but I'm ALWAYS really crap at getting them done on time. Humm bearing in mind my last post I feel there is a theme developing!
The first was a Phat Quarter swap with the theme of Bestiary, fantastical, mythical beasties.
So I made a set of flying ducks a la Hilda Ogden for Leslie.

All in a spiffy old pencil tin.
It was kind of a homage to our Grandmother's domesticity. My Grandma had an armchair like this when I was young and she constantly used to make reference to antimacassars and flying ducks. Though I don't remember her having either.
In Return I received this delightful unicorn from Salvaged Mutiny.

I also took part in an Artists Trading Card swap organised by Ali at Very Berry, the theme was literature, right up my street. I made a copy of the front cover of my favourite book of all time for Laura of Blue Giraffe.

And in return I received this amazing card from Debbie.

I don't know if I like the front or the back best.

Every few days I swap it over so I can look at the other side for a while.
Well, Thats it on the swap front for now folks. Though I'm sure before too long I will be signing up for another load and again leaving it till the last moment before getting my act together.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Please show and tell how you made those flying ducks...they are so Hilda. xx

  2. All of that is fantastic, but I LOVE the ducks! My sister and I used to collect these when we were students. Wish we'd kept them!

  3. Oh my God! I love the flying ducks and our Hilda. Next you will have to make a "Muriel". :)

  4. I used to have a tin of Lakeland Pencils when I was at middle school! A couple of years ago I aske to go to the Pencil Museum in Kendal for my birthday! Everyone laughed at me...but it was great. I've got a set of 3 miniature ducks on my fridge; stuck on with magnets. Very cute. This brought back such memories Nora.


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