Its not been a fantastic summer for me.
Crappy weather for lots of it, working constantly, the stress of selling the house, not being able to spend any time with the boys during their holidays. Oh I could whinge on for hours.
But, it looks as though the house is sold, work is slowing down and I am able to take some time off.
Except that the Ginger one went back to school today and, big calming breath, the bombshell starts at proper big boy school next Thursday.
Eep! reception here we come. I'm being brave.
So after lots of trying to get tickets to the Olympic park and failing I  bought tickets to see the 
Paralympic cycling time trials.
A last hurrah to the summer holidays.

Spent with special friends about to leave us for a permanent return to their Kiwi origins.
And what a way to spend the last day.
It was the best day.
We screamed till we had no voice left, 

we clapped till our hands, arms and shoulders ached.
We had the best spot on the track.

We saw some amazing athletes giving it their all.

We were on T.V.
We were photographed by the local paper.
We met and celebrated with some wonderful people.
The children were exhausted.
We were exhausted.

Sarah Storey won Gold and Mark Colbourne won silver for team GB.
Phillippa Grey and Laura Thompson won silver for New Zealand.
And we were shouting loud for Catherine Walsh winning bronze for Ireland, mainly because we met her brother and he was the happiest most excited man there.
Sadly the youngest 3 members of the party hit the wall before the end so we didn't see Alex Zinardi win gold in one of the hand cycle events.
All the same 
we all went home happy!
Did you make it to see any of the Paralympics or Olympics this summer? 
Bet you had the best fun ever.
Love Nora xxx
P.S for those of you wondering how Wonky is, I can report he is now officially on the recovery ward, but in need of further corrective surgery soon. When he is strong enough I will take photos.
PPS The photo of Sarah Storey isn't mine. I stole them from the internet. 
My photos for the races looked mainly like this. 
Those guys can move fast!


  1. Ah, sounds like a fantastic day! So glad you got to have a last hurrah, I find a last hurrah to be most brilliant. We had one ourselves but haven't sorted through pics yet. I've been listening in on the radio about the paralympics, good stuff!

    Keeping fingers crossed for Wonky, sending well wishes!

  2. I spent so much time watching the Olympics that I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to catch up with things and so haven't watched much of the Paralympics, sad to say. But what I have seen has been hugely inspiring and awesome. So lovely you were able to take time out form the stress of life to enjoy the day out.

  3. My, you've had a tough old time of it! Glad you were able to see the end of the holidays with a bang!!!

  4. I'm so enjoying the paralympics, which is very unlike me, I'm not a sporty type. Sounds like you had a fantastic time, I love that last photo!
    Be brave next week, you know the bombshell will be fine, it's us mothers that have the hard time. Little Miss started half days this week, it still feels like nursery, I will suffer and weep soon though!

    Glad Wonky is recovering. Hope you're knitting him a blade.

  5. Lovely pics - glad you got some paralympic action! Also glad to hear that house selling stress is lessening a bit for you... nothing worse...


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