To top the way we chose last weekends winner was going to be hard.
I gave it some thought, 
the boys gave it some thought, 
the Hippy looked at me as though he thought I was insane.
Two giveaways in as many weeks, I mean come on.
I guess he has a point.

The only thing to do was rope in a celebrity.
Do you know Rey?
Rey Mysterio the legendary WWE Mexican style wrestler.
You don't?
Well you should.
We must all be very grateful that such an esteemed and fully masked up celeb could make it to south London at such short notice.
Here he is chilling out and mentally preparing himself and getting used to wearing his cunningly fashioned tailor made specialist head gear before the big event.

And here he is psyching him self up for the plunge.

With a little help from the Bombshell, himself a wrestler in training, Rey took the death defying leap.

And the winner is.....

Well done Victoria.
 My self, Rey and the boys all 
congratulate you on your spectacular win!
I was amazed at how many of you joined in and I would like to thank you all.
I wish I could have given you all something, but sadly that is just not possible.
I have had a lot of fun checking out who you all are, and I must say you are a talented old bunch.
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Love Nora xxxx


  1. Fabulous method of selection!! Congratulations to Victoria. Kx

  2. Best random giveaway selection EVER!! :)

  3. So much fun! May have to ressurrect my kids' old star wars figures to help me make decisions from now on. Thanks to you, Rey, your boys, the hippy, and whoever else was assembled for the festivities. There will definitely be a link to this post when I blog about my win. -Victoria

  4. Fantastic. THIS is the method I will use to pick the winner of my next giveaway. Excellent.

  5. just goes to prove that we all need a super hero in our lives....now......do i know you on facebook...must look...


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