So I said I would be back today, and to tell you the truth I am shocked that I have made it back on time.
It would appear that most days right now are one of those days.
The ones when there aren't enough hours in the day and you are always running to catch up.
 Yesterday I showed you some of these as a work in progress

And as I said yesterday I have a present to give away.
You are all so Fab.
You were all so lovely when my nephew was so ill.
Every one is fed up with the 
never ending constant days of rain.
I know we need it, 
but that doesn't make it any less depressing.
Any way soon it will be another bank holiday weekend. 
But this time a double bubble bank holiday weekend.
I'm not a massive royalist, but I do have the most amazing memories of the Silver Jubilee.
So it seemed right to give this brooch away.

All you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post with a way for me to get back to you if you are lucky enough to be the one.
I will get the Ginger Ninja to draw a name from the hat next Saturday.
Thats 19th May.
If you like this brooch there are lots more here.
Well there are some here 
and as soon as the rain lets up enough to take some decent pictures there will be more!
Lots of Love Nora xxxx


  1. Please put my name in the hat. Your brooches are great and I would love to own something made by the famed, amazingly talented, red haired one!! M x

  2. Oooh, I'd really like to win. I love wearing brooches and this one looks great.

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  4. oooh, put my name in your virtual hat please, these are loooverly!

  5. Just realised my previous comment didn't make sense!
    Please count me in - I'd love one of your fabulous brooches!
    Sending ginger vibes to your ninja - I have two of my own!!

  6. Lovely brooch. I remember very well 1977 street parties and all us school kids got a Silver jubiliee coin. Please put me in the hat.

  7. So beautiful and a wonderful memento. please add me to the hat!

  8. What a lovely piece! Please put my name in the draw.

  9. Please put my name in - If I was lucky enough to win then you would be my muse via the medium of exquisite broochiness! Let's face it - I need all the help I can By the way - Ginger Ninjas Rule! xxAmandaxx

  10. Hi Nora, just found your follower!love the texture and colours of your beautiful brooches..handsewing is the way to de-stress and make lovely things at the same time...

  11. Please fling me in the hat - I love the stampy brooch - I had that stamp in lots of colours in my stamp collection. Don't tell me you're surprised I had a stamp collection?!

  12. I have vague memories of the silver jubilee, and possibly a commemorative coin or mug somewhere. The golden one saw me making numerous purple capes with white fur trim and gold ric-rac for the boys and their friends at nursery. Wonder what I'll be doing on the diamond? Wearing a Flaming Nora brooch perhaps?

  13. Oooh yes please count me in. I will wear the brooch in Battersea Park whilst watching all the boats float down the Thames. Altogether, "God save our gracious Queen".

  14. OOh lush, me too please. Such talent ! Does it run in your family?? ;-)

  15. Oh wow...pop me in the hat, I love that brooch.x

  16. Sure, I'd like the Jubilee brooch too. It could live with all my other brooches, and they could all have a brooch party. It's perfect to wear for the Jubilee weekend!

    Rosemary of

  17. Ahhh, it's lovely. Thanks for thinking of us. Glad you got some sunshine finally-us too!

  18. Oh how I loved that jubilee! A street party up north and me dressed as the Queen of Hearts with a plate of jam tarts, a very short walk to the next street and me arriving with an empty plate and one very sticky little brother, I remember it so well, how could he eat so many, so quickly? It still baffles me.

  19. Such a lovely badge! I remember our primary class had our photos taken for the silver jubilee and got given free bookmarks - even though it was years afterwards - strange.

    I can be contacted at animalpsychiatry (at)


  20. The jubilee, the jubilee. Probably the best reason to celebrate these 'royal' occasions is that for some reason you remember them for ever afterwards. I have an almost perfect memory of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations in our road, with our friends and family all dressed in red white and blue. And my memory is so patchy elsewhere!!

  21. oh oh am I too late?.....hope not! I am getting into the jubille spirit!


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