I've got a new bird.
She isn't quite what she appears at first.
Soft and stylish on the outside, but with a heart of stone and legs of steel.
She has no judging eye, she cannot see what I am up to,
she can only be with every gram of her flinty interior.
She came in to my life at the end of last week.
Due to the suicide of my trusted camera, and then speedy delivery my new working model from a certain online store that rhymes with Glamourzon
I can now bring you my new love.

She is from Myrtle and Eunice and came to me as part of the recent
Flowerpress brooch swap.
Do you know Myrtle and Eunice?
check it out.
Its fab.
You can read all about the apparent trauma of making me a brooch here.
So funny because so many people tell me how hard I am to buy for.
I think I'm totally transparent and really easy to read.
Yet again I am proven wrong!
I also received this amazing T is for Towel

Not just your t towel ordinare.
A t towel hand printed with good humour.
I didn't realise what a hole there was in my life until now.
Of course I need humour in my t towels.
Because lets face it there is nothing humorous about what you do with them.
I love the tutu.
But that may be something to do with the day job.

But possibly not as much as I love the treads.

It took us a while to work this one out.
It was a slow brain day in the flaming house.

Though I doubt this one will be a working t towel.
I think it will be hanging along side my treasured signed Billy Bragg t towel,
one day when I get my act together...
I am a very lucky Nora this week.
Don't forget to check out the workshop I am running for the Streatham Festival next Tuesday.
Love Nora xx


  1. So glad you love your bird, I'm sure a few people were hoping it was flying in their direction!
    I don't have a Billy Bragg tea towel (why not!) but I do have one from the lovely Tania, she's fab, lucky you :-)

  2. Oooh, how I used to love Billy Bragg and his grumpy, political songs. I used to go out with a Young Socialist and my love of a Kylie flavoured pop song when very drunk was severly frowned upon! x

  3. Lucky you indeed :-)
    Thanks for the link to Tania's blog - new to me. I love the little birdie.

  4. Thank goodliness for that! There was real angst, don'tchaknow.

    So did you 'get' the Tasmanian Devil? Even Aussies stumble on that one...

  5. oh you lucky thing! Great tea towel too.

  6. Absolutely fabulous, all of it! Lucky you.
    Also, wishing I could come to the workshop, really!


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