I saw this game over here, and thought it would be fun to join in especially as there is a lot to be excited about at the moment.
So here is my happy list

1. Apparently I am not working today! Until 5 minutes ago I was convinced I was teaching on the foundation course over at Wimbledon College of Art. But NO my mistake, I'm not in again till 3rd Jan. WOO WOO! what to do with all that extra time?

2. I hadn't left the house yet!

3. Billy Bragg signed my tea towel. I love Billy he has been my number one musical hero since the mid 80's, I was however a little a) drunk and b) excited when I met him.

4. I was one of the three stand in Listed Londoners on the Robert Elms show on BBC London yesterday. And he remembered who I was! I had rung in to talk about my shed in the summer.
I'm about 3/4 hour in if you fancy a listen.
I've played along with this game for years so was very excited to be joining in.

5. The Christmas duckies are back again.

6. Taking part in the South West Jumble at the weekend. My first craft fair, it was such good fun and a fantastic venue.

7. All the wonderful and encouraging comments left by every one
after my last post.
Especially from my Mum by email,
who threatened to sue me for deformation of character,
sorry Ma but we all know its so very very true.
And The every wonderful Auntie Rose who said I should be crowned for writing it. Thank you!

8. "Deck the Halls" Flaming Nora's Christmas get together
when lots of lovely ladies gathered together
to make the most fantastic decorations,
and eat what to me is the very essence of Christmas.
Mince pies and Quality Street.

9. Taking the boys on our annual trip to buy the tree.


What is your little bit of happy, you can join in here.
I will return soon with a tale of Christmas past.
Love Shed Lady xx


  1. 1. Back hardly hurting at all
    2. Good progress on the new novel today.
    3. A win-win idea to solve a grumbling problem in one of the two book groups I belong to.
    4. Only one more 7-hours-on-my-feet selling day to Christmas.
    Hurrah. And love, Bobbie xx

  2. oooh I am very excited about your teatowel! I may have to join in with this later in the week..

  3. Ooh, let's see....Happy List

    1.visit from lovely friend MR today
    2.all my lovely girls home this evening
    3.sent in my invoices today - lots of lovely money coming my way
    4.lovely lunch out today

    And do listen to Jane on the Robert Elms Show - she was fab! They should give her a regular slot! Would so love to hear her answers to all the Listed Londoner Questions. How about posting them on your blog, Jane?

    regards - Sylvia

  4. Hooray for happy! I missed the Listed Londoner on Mon, I love that slot - I shall listen again tomorrow. I have plans to do a happy list this week (hopefully), this has brought a smile to my face - love the tea towel!

  5. I listened to you 'live' today - hooray for being a Listed Londoner!! I'm with you on the Sherlock Holmes, they were great episodes. But back to the dinosaurs? Are you sure? Surely you should be escaping your current life for a day?!

    Oh yes, the clean up before Christmas comment on my blog - I'm trying to get away from the 'squat' look too (but not with much success yet) - even if only for the holidays! And only 2 school days left - yikes! x

  6. What a great happy list!
    I love Billy Bragg too. Very jealous that he signed your tea towel, how fun!
    I hope you are keeping warm and that you have a fabulous and happy Christmas. Thanks so much for playing along.


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