We are now in to the third day of no school for the ginger ninja and cabin fever is starting to set in. Right now I feel as though we are living in Sid's room in Toy Story.

Though we have had endless fun in the snow

Before all this wonderful white stuff arrived I was going to be writing about all the interesting things that happened last week,
so I thought I would have a quick picture round up
On Saturday the shard looked amazing.

On Sunday It was the boys friend Louis party.

On Monday I took another photo for Lola's challenge, only took 12 this time, thankfully I got there that quickly and not the 92 Colette had to take!
Interesting stuff this self portrait malarkey.
I guess none of us are really that happy with the way we look.
Its quite an interesting exercise in seeing how other people see us and realising what it is they find interesting.
I've always had a tendency to play the clown and pull funny faces, so its good to have a sensible one, post hair cut when I'm feeling rather good about my self.

On Tuesday I finished my stitched post card, for Beth's post card swap. There is quite a story attached to it which I will tell soon, just need to give it time to arrive at its destination.

On Wednesday we found an intact dinosaur frozen in the permafrost.

On Thursday my stitched post card arrived from Donnell.
Isn't it beautiful?

and then the door opens

how beautifully stitched is this?
I love the contrast between the folksy patchwork and embroidery on the front, and the stark white slightly gruesome medical nature of the inside.
It came through the post like this with the address and a stamp on the reverse.
Apparently the woman in the post office was dubious that it would arrive at all.
I wonder how many people on its transatlantic journey were tempted to open the little door.
Part of me hopes it was all of them!

On Friday I went fabric shopping

And finally on Saturday I made some new friends

at my "Get to know your sewing machine" workshop.

Hope your week was as interesting and productive.
Love Nora xx


  1. My you have been busy. Love the frozen dinosaur - sums it all up really.
    Only 12 pictures???? Are you sure??? Good to see you - without your make-up this time! I think you are very brave indeed. I'm still cringing over my effort, I hate looking at it on my blog - I don't think I have the strength to do it again.
    And that postcard - amazing heart! Can't wait to see yours.
    Have a great weekend, hope you manage to get out and save your sanity, x

  2. Wow that's a great week!
    I love the self portrait and the cheeky smile and lovely hair cut - I think you are all most brave indeed to join in with Alex's challenge!
    Great image of the frozen dinosaur - seems a shame to let it defrost :-)
    And I love that the postcard made its way to you without any packaging - that's really cool!
    Happy weekend,
    D x

  3. I'm glad you like it. I hope they all opened it as well.

  4. Wow, so much goodness in one post, fantastic!
    I love the portrait and your haircut! It is so nice to get a good look at your gorgeous face!


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