Today I was going to write about last week and all the interesting things that happened.
But then yesterday it finally started to snow in the sleepy corner of South London.
And then this morning we had the news that today was going to be one of those rare and extra special days. The one we have been secretly hoping for ever since there was the first hint of snow on the hill tops in northern England.
Yes that's right,
Today is officially a
I wanted to take some pictures of my workroom in the snow, but they didn't work out as I had hoped, so here is just a hint of it

as well as some shots of the kids snow balling in the street

And playing on the common

When to wind chill became too much to cope with we hot footed, or more accurately slid and slipped our way to the cafe for hot chocolates. Where a day too late the kids decided to join in with Movember.

Now is it just me or does this little chap have a touch of the Clark Gabels about him?
Happy snow days to every one every where.
Nora xx


  1. Jealous! I am ready for a snow day but, don't know if or when we'll get one. We had a sprinkling a few days ago, sadly it did not last and turned to ice.

    Yes, absolutely Clark Gable, heart breaker that one!

  2. Wow you got loads, in NW London we only got about 1 cm today - not enough to play in, just enough to be a nuisance.
    There's trouble in mini Clarks eyes - look out girls!!

  3. There is nothing like the first snow...I loved the messy face what cuties!


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