cast your mind back
back a bit more.
Ok you can read all about the pair of love birds here.
Finally after many many months of planning, booking, rescheduling, rebooking, more rescheduling, more... oh you get the picture!
Any road up, to cut a short story long last Wednesday the
Hand Stitched Art Collage
class finally happened.
We gathered at the Lovely Liz's shop,
on a slightly damp Wednesday evening.
Taking as their inspiration a large pile of vintage textiles and trims and
some old images printed on to textured paper the girls set to work.
Weaving everything together in to a collage with a story attached.

What happened to this young bathing belle on a blustery weekend at the coast?
Apparently what ever it was it left her with a twinkle in her eye.

Then there was this exquisite oriental beauty who met a robust young scotsman in the 1930's

As the blossoms fell from the trees they fell in love.

But then we changed tack.

Who were this saucy pair?
Sharing an illicit afternoon of chocolates, lace and spats.
What ever happened there appear to be several momentos of the afternoon that survived the passage of time!

And finally a collage almost like a travel journal

A napkin saved from that most wonderful of hotels on the riviera,
the stars shining at night,
the yachts,
the automobiles,
the mother of pearl buttons on her evening gloves....
Oh the romance, the high life, the good times.
What fun we had!

I was a very proud Nora at the end of the night.
The lovely Ladies worked hard, had fun and crated some fantastic pieces that will look amazing on which ever wall they end up on.
For more Flaming Nora courses and classes look here.
The next one is on 5th July at part of the Streatham Festival and will be held here.
We will be making lovely little decorative birds.
But panic not if you can't make it, the class will be repeated at Bermondsey Fayre in the Autumn.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Really- beautiful blog i like this ...
    Exhaust Flames

  2. What a clever bunch of ladies you have, these are beautiful. I'm seeing an exhibition...

  3. These are fantastic, beautifully made works of art. A joy to the eye! M x

  4. such good results must mean only one thing...an amazing, (sober) teacher!!

  5. Gorgeous! Oh I wish I could have been at that class, how wonderful!

  6. This looks fabulous! What a wonderful class. We had good friends who lived in Bermondsey (they've moved back to Australia now) but I have many lovely memories of that area whenever we visited them. Is Bermondsey Kitchen your favourite eatery ever ever? We loved it. Thanks for this - a great post for this great class but also great memories :) Kx

  7. What a lot of gorgeous creativity! Fabulous.


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