It would seem that my Gran and her sayings are making quite a lot of guest appearances here these days.
When ever I was having a really good moan about one of my school friends,
she would purse her lips and say in a slightly camp voice
" ooh, she's my best friend, and I hate her."
Somehow this has become mine and my best friend Ingrid's motto.
Last week was her birthday, so the family decamped to the seaside to take in a bit of fresh air, eat fish and chips, find interesting things on the beach

and in the garden,

oh and party the night away with my best friend.
We got up on Saturday morning knowing there was a day of preparations ahead of us.
And at this point I must tell you that Ingrid and I LOVE preparing for parties.
There is always a point about 2 hours before the guests arrive when we look at each other, and realise the day will only go down hill from here, it doesn't matter how legendary the party is (and trust me there have been a few!) this will be the bit we reminisce about the next day.
The great crudite incident of '97 still brings a twinkle to our eyes.

So I was fully prepared for something great to happen pre party.
"I've got a job for you" was her opening gambit as she thrust a mountain of plastic bags in my arms and shepherded me in to the workroom.

"Bunting Please, and make sure there are lots of Lidl logo's"
(Ingrid loves Lidl just as much as she loves preparing for parties)
A couple of hours and twenty two and a half meters of recycled plastic bag bunting later she was a very happy bunny,

and the garden looked like this.

And this.

And at night it looked like this.

The only thing more beautiful was the cake baked and decorated by the lovely and gorgeous Miss Moonie Moon.

And just between you and me it was as delicious as it looked.

How talented is she?
Don't you just hate her?
I do, but not as much as I hate my best friend.
Love Nora xx


  1. Sorry to have to tell you - 'She's my best friend and I hate her' was a very famous catch phrase of comic Beryl Reid, from her character Monica in 'Educating Archie' in the old days of steam radio.

  2. Oh good gravy! That's a lot of bunting, it looks smashing. What a great post :)

  3. Thanks lola, it must be said we had a LOT of fun!
    Great expression by the way, think I'm gonna have to steal that one from you.

  4. Like your blog Nora. Was looking for bunting & found you

    What joy

    Check my blog out




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