Oh Happy Day.

Wednesday being on of my precious few and far between days off this summer the boys and I decided to do something special.
After much debate H.M.S Belfast was decided upon as our final destination.
On the way to the station we stopped to water the community garden, and found this old boy gathering nectar.

The train journey was as ever exciting for two young boys.

However nothing in comparason to H.M.S Belfast, we have been before a couple of years ago for the ginger one's birthday, but well 2 years is a looooong time for
these boys.

I believe there is a picture of me, my brother Matt, and cousins Clare, Kathryn and Ed on exactly this anchor when we were all similar ages, how Mum managed with 5 kids is beyond me, 2 was almost too much for me!

We all had a go at driving the ship.
In fact we had to fight a few old nautical types in blazers for the privilege.

We rounded off the day back at the ranch making and decorating cakes.

I especially love the smudge of icing on the ginger ninja's chin!

The perfect end to the day was a neighbour bringing round this tub of slightly sour cherries from their garden.

I can hear the Cherry brandy calling already.
Ohh bliss.
Love Nora x


  1. Looks like brilliant fun! Do you like Outnumbered- I think the one when they visit HMS Belfast is one of the funniest episodes. That programme is scarily true to life! x

  2. I see you also have two litte monkeys! My eldest son loves to pull a face in photos too. lou x

  3. What is it about boys and camera's? something in their genetic programming leads them to gurne as soon as a camera is produced.
    Thanks for your comment Lou!


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