A little bit of Tartan

This weekend was all about the Tartan.

Friends of ours, Amanda and Ray, were getting married in the Flaming Hippies home village of Hockwold in Norfolk.

The day was beautiful, the bride and groom were stunning,
the church looked amazing, as did the hall for the reception.
Every one involved had gone that extra mile to make the day special and it really was the most wonderful celebration.
The ceremony was very moving, and after the vows had been said the vicar asked the congregation if they would be willing to help the happy couple to keep their vows to each other, and as we all called out "WE WILL"
the small but shrill voice of the blonde bombshell on my lap joined in with
"rock you!".

Congratulations and thank you Mr and Mrs Russell for such a wonderful day.

The wedding invite had requested that though Kilts were not required dress code for the men, as a bit of fun could we all try and work a little bit of tartan in to our outfits.

Well that was like a red rag to a bull for me!
And Brooches being very much in the ether round here at the moment I set to and made tartan roses and carnations for the flaming family and some friends too.
We didn't quite know what to give as a wedding present, who needs another set of towels, a tea pot or a vase these days?
So we decided to take photos of all those little bits of Tartan and put them in an album as an unusual memento of the day.
Here are but a few of the images.

Its amazing to see how many different ways people managed to do it.
Though this is my favourite.

And yes the pipe band did make me cry as I knew they would.
They are second only to a brass band for making Nora blub in public.

If you were there too leave a comment at the bottom of the page I would love to know your favourite part of the day


  1. Awwww wow! You've done a fantastic job.
    It was a wonderful day and very boozy evening!
    Amanda's daughter Sue's speech was the highlight for me...brought a tear to my eye Love Niki (of Niki and Ant!) x

  2. Can't wait to see the finished project Flaming Nora! There were so many excellent moments but the two that will always stay with me were:
    1)As the hymn Jerusalem struck up I was "all of a quiver" with terror, but at the start of the 2nd verse I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and just listened. I could actually hear people singing their hearts out (which is so unusual in churches thee days) and, to me, they sounded like angels. It was a lifelong wish of mine fulfilled!
    2) The vicar was commenting on our extraordinary friends and I pointed to a guy wearing a kilt (who was speaking to another man) and said that he, his wife, and their young daughter had just pitched their tent in that man's garden so that they didn't have to worry about travelling home. The vicar gave me a slightly bemused look as if to say "...so" until I explained that up until the moment of that conversation those two men had never met before! It summed up the occasion perfectly - the absolute generosity of spirit conveyed by so many of the people there will always remain with us! We are privileged to have so many friends of that calibre!.....and the pipe band were "nae bad" either..lol Amanda & Ray (Bride & Groom)

  3. Amanda - the pipe band gave me goose bumps ;) love Ant x


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