Nora is a woman of many and varied talents, none of them cooking, she does however like to occasionally flex a green finger or two.
The whole Flaming family are lucky to live in a little back water of Streatham in South London called the Ferrers Triangle, a place cut off on two sides by the railway, consisting of row upon row of terraced late Victorian/ early Edwardian two up two down , or if you are lucky 3 up 3 down houses and possibly the best local in London.
Because of its backwater nature a fantastic community spirit has developed, something rarely encountered in London.
There is so much going on here from our Street Party every September, to the pancake breakfast, via the HUGE children's Halloween party every October.
So anyway you get the picture, its a pretty special place to live.

The latest venture has been to take over two neglected planters that were on the pavement out side the pub and turn them in to community gardens.
After a bit of handy carpentry and a lick of paint they were looking fair sprightly.
We turned one in to a herb garden, with rosemary, mint, sage, sorrel, thyme, chives, lavender, rocket and alpine strawberries.

We also managed to squeeze a couple of tomato plants in there too.

The second we planted up with beans, courgettes, corn and peas.

Every thing is shooting up and the courgettes are fruiting like mad.
Its made a rather boring bit of pavement in to a local attraction.
They may be small, possibly the smallest community gardens in the world, who knows, but I love 'em!

I love the fact its bringing people together.
I love the fact we have a fantastic herb garden for every one in the area to use.
I love the fact we are already planning what dishes to cook for the street party using the produce we have grown.
I love the fact every one i speak to is proud of what we had achieved and feels protective towards it.
the fact that every one wants to be involved.


  1. Wow, that looks such fun- what a great little plot. Looking really healthy!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog xx

  2. Excellent idea! Anything that brings a community closer like this is a good thing. It sounds like you live in a fabulous place, like a little village within a city. We live in the country and one of the best things is the sense of community. Lovely blog, thanks for the visit x


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