A moment of calm in the eye of the storm.

This last week or so has been a flurry of activity and anxiety.
There is now only four DAYS till my first workshop,
scary thoughts indeed.
Though not as scary as the fact there are only eight sleeps till my children's workshop.
I have spent this week frantically printing flyers,
sending e-mails and texts and chatting to compleate and virtual strangers about a project very close to my own heart.

So it was really nice today to be able to take a breather and do something else.
Some friends are getting married on Saturday and I have been making a little gift for them as well as buttonholes for the whole flaming family.

The groom is from Scotland, and hot roumour has it there will be a full pipe band at the wedding (can't wait!), Amanda and Ray have requested that we all wear a little bit of tartan.
It will be such fun seeing what every one comes up with.

I've also been amusing myself looking at vintage buttons.
I found most of these years ago at a car boot sale
and beautiful as they are, the bits of old newsprint stuck to the back of the cards are priceless.

This one looks very much like the sofa we had all through my early childhood.
Wonder if my parents paid only £18.10 for it.

Who were these mad men and why?

Lucky Enrico. Wonder which Princess.
As there is no date on the scrap I guess we will never know.

I love this one, what with football so much in the nations minds at the moment.


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