Wow it was difficult, there were loads of entries, and all were great.
However I have come to realise that the rules of the competition may have given an unfair advantage to those of you out there who really know the Flaming Hippie and my good self.
Our combined sense of humour can be a little left field.
Well done every one, there were no entries that didn't at the very least make us crack a smile.

I would like to say Alison, Very good, "tickle me again" and "too the left a bit" we loved em, but not enough I'm afraid.

And Kirsty well done for finding Finding Flaming Nora's two long lost cousins
Gordon Bennett and Blimey O'Reilly,
do send our love and say we'll see them christmas after next.

So with out further ado...

Pause for drum roll,
drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ching!

Trumpet fanfare,
Taran taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The winning names are


Well done Lilly.

As we speak The boys are packing their bags, writing change of address cards

and saying their fond fair wells to the Flaming Family and tumble down end of terrace in a sunny corner of South London.

Eric, Norman, good luck in your new lives, don't forget us, hope the map makes sense, let me know that you have arrived safely, its a long walk with
such silly little feet.

Love Nora xxx


  1. :)
    For some reason reminded me of Albert and WS. Aahh.

  2. Ha ha ha ha why didn't you enter the comp? That one will keep me going for a long while!

  3. Love the photos of them going off to their new homes!

  4. Ah Lola, the image of a middle aged woman with a big bum laying on the pavement taking pictures of stuffed socks with dubious props is one that will haunt the neighbours for years to come!

  5. Eric & Norman seem happy in their new home - we put them to bed as they were a wee bit weary after their journey. See pics on my Facebook Page


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