Give away alert!

giveaway alert!
give away alert! give away alert!

The Secret Sewing Club convened again on this Saturday just passed, on the hottest day of the year in an even hotter hall.
We all however managed to survive, in fact every one seemed to enjoy them selves.
I will be doing a fuller write up of the event tomorrow with lots of pictures of the children's creations.
Any way enough of this waffle and on to the serious business of the day.


I am giving to you my delightful readers the chance to win the original two critters that I used in the poster.

These poor guys have been living the high life featured far and wide, thankfully it hasn't gone to their heads and they are still very grounded.
No chance of any messy tabloid style behaviour here.
But they are not content, they came to me and said "Nora, we can not live this high life being featured far and wide in the posters, we are pin ups, we are famous and yet we have no names"
So I am appealing to you my dearest reader to help rectify this problem.
Leave a message at the end of this post with your suggestions for the names of both the critters and the ones that makes me and the flaming Hippie laugh out loud the most will win.
You will have until 2 pm here in fair London town on Sunday 18th July to leave a message at the end of this post.
I only ask you to please keep it clean and not forget to let me know who you are.
Good luck!

I will post who the winner is on Sunday night, so check in to see if its you!

Nora xx


    Sheila & Toby (S-heel-a and Toe-by)

    - from Billy & Joseph

  2. Emily says: Diddly Doddly and Stripey Dipey

  3. Danny says: Funnyhead and Munchyman
    Tom says: Colourful parrot and Goo-goo monster
    Jenna (who hadn't really grasped the idea) said they were Kirsty (both of them) and then said they were Daniel and Tom
    I would like them to be named Angelina Jolie and Bill Oddie (respectively) or alternatively
    Ida Likum & Ena Myhouse
    Jon was not consulted but would probably call them 'Whereonearthdidthiscomefrom?' and 'Heresanotherone!!'
    I love them and I think they need to live with us!

  4. Jane and Andrew surely!?...........

    tuther Nikki

  5. Olivia reckons - Socksy Malone & Funny Face

  6. Orlaith thinks the shoud be called slinky and minkey

    I think Iggy and Ziggy

    Jane and Orlaith

  7. We have a few suggestions:
    Sophie thinks they could be called
    Stinky and Winky
    Tung and Ting
    Naughty and Finley
    Stripey and Silly
    Tom and Tim

    Louis suggests
    Louey dooey and Sophie pooey
    Silly Milly and Dinky Dog
    Stripey Bow and Donkey Dog

    Allison would like to suggest
    Tickle me Again and To the Left a Bit

    We love them too, Nikki!


  8. I've been thinking long and hard over this, and I was never good at naming my teds as a child (pink ted, fluffy ted, flat ted.... you get the idea.

    But I'm thinking they look like Foxy and Humbug to me. x

  9. Ella said
    Mr Dockeynockeysockey!

  10. Flora suggests Jengle and Button-Cake xxx

  11. Lily says;
    Eric & Norman
    or Wonky Face & Frog Face
    or Cheesy Bum face & Pumpy Poo Pants
    or (more sensibly but slightly more libellous)Mr Robinson & Mr Glover lover (mmmmm)

    Esme says;
    Ant & Dec
    or Wonky Woo Woo & Konky Koo Do
    or Lairie & Bennie

    I'm suggesting;
    Gordon Bennett & Blimey O'Reilly
    or Gilbert & George
    or Davie Cammy Wammy & Nickie Cleggie Weggie

    and we'll stop now!


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