After literally years of being befuddled by crochet, I have finally cracked it.
You see I saw these.
And I knew I had to pull my self together and sort it out.
So with a little help from you tube and some well timed advice about the interface of new skills and post new years eve home made vodka hangover VS anger management, from the Hippy
I cracked it.
And these little critters came to visit.

There were many many more of them
but they all found new homes amongst the Bombshell's little friends.
You see we had one of these last week

So I take back all I have ever said about crochet,
because as my good friend Ali pointed out
it has a vey nice action!
Happy weekend.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Yay Nora - love your style, nothing defeats you! xxAxx

  2. Nora...'I feel Love' for your fabulous crocheted creatures! I seem 'Way down' when trying to crochet so much so that 'I don't want to talk about it'! However your inspiring 'Show you the way to go' post has sown the seed and I might just try again and 'Float on' to find my all over the bloggisphere crochet seems to be 'The name of the game'...I think those yarns are calling 'Don't give up on us' before I become a 'Silver Lady'!
    I had lots of help from my well thumbed Guinness book of British Hit singles and got most of the 1977 number ones in ...Mull of Kintyre was a step too far though!
    Thanks for a fab post and the opportunity to indulge in some 77 nostalgia!!
    Well done for cracking crochet too!
    Ali x

  3. Hello Nora:
    Well, these wonderful crochet creatures do not look like beginners pieces to us. They are absolutely adorable and we can well imagine that there will be no end of people asking for one.

  4. Well done you. I've been meaning to learn for years now, even bought a beginners book but can't make head nor tail of the diagrams. I hear You Tube calling! Thanks for the teaser by the way, remembered the song, remembered the lyrics, even remembered the black and white outfits with roses at the throats, but damned if I could remember the name of the duo. Praise be to google!

  5. Ooh, I love your little monsters! Look at you crocheting away, brilliant!

  6. Just catching up with you, that's so funny we conquered crochet at the same time, I have started an amigurami creature too!
    Too jealous of your haby stash and all those old buttons too.

  7. Oi Grimshaw!!

    These are absolutely f***in' FABULOUS!!!! how very very clever you are..... how big are they ? could you make a monster 18" one..

    They ROCK !!! never has crochet been so cool... goodbye granny pissy-knickers and HELLO GonkTaSticKneSs !!!

    Luv yah,

    Simone xxx


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