I feel I may be on the verge of becoming boring about the knitted car.
But I PROMISE this will be the last ever post about it before the big day.
But as the big day is only 4 days away I feel this will not be a hard promise to keep.
I have now got beyond the point of this cuddly car keeping me awake at night.
The predictions of Ninja H that we would have too many squares has come most defiantly true.
There are lots of funny fiddly odd shapes still to sort out,
but some of our funny fiddly Ninjas (please note I tactfully left the odd shaped out) have volunteered to take care of those.
There is also a fair quantity of sewing together to be done.
But I figure some one who has been sewing for a living for as long as I have should make short work of that.

And so all I really need to worry about is the guess the total amount of squares in the car competition, in aid of these guys.
A very local and very deserving cause.
Oh and order a prize and hope it arrives in time, AAARGH!
Here is a view of the car laid out on Ninja K's kitchen floor from rear window to front bumper.

So if you are just a sitting about a doing nothing this Sunday, 18th Sept
Hop on a train to West Norwood in fair London town and come along and say "Hello".
Us Ninja's are a friendly lot.
Though they may be a little skittish as they are by nature a secretive bunch of critters.
Though if you can spot them in their clever disguises
then MI5 may be coming a calling.
If you think this is creative, no really you do!, then just check out what these
creative types are doing.
Love Nora xx


  1. It really is so not boring! How exciting and how I wish I could be there to see it! I miss it by one day which is even worse... we arrive in London on the 19th :( Hope it all goes well! Kx

  2. Amazing - Go Ninjas! :) Thanks for putting in the link to creative types, really useful - I've just joined Ravelry :)

  3. Utterly stupendous. Am in awe.


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