The above quote was from the mother of a junior league ninja.
She has a point.

Other very notable quotes from the Lambeth Council Car free day included
"Now I have seen EVERY THING!
nothing can surprise me anymore"

And this one,
young girl on the right "who made this thing?"
young boy on the left "I know"
Me "do you?"
young boy "yes it was some really old woman"
Me "uh!"

There is so much to say about yesterday,
the fun we had,
the fun the public had,
the fact it didn't rain,
the money we raised,
the children,
the man on stilts,
the disguises.
I have had to try and whittle down the 125 odd pictures I took to a
handful to fit here today.
Way way too hard.
So I have decided this one will be a two parter.
And I shall be back tomorrow with more tails and more pictures.
In the mean time bask in our reflected glory and enjoy this selection of images.

Ninja dress code for the day - Hilda Ogden Chic.
The new disguises worked perfectly, none of us were rumbled.

Oh and it was Boon's birthday.

A sneaky peek at the prizes for our guess the number of squares in the car competition.

There were so so many Ninjas who put so much effort in to make this the most amazing event.
Over 30 at the last count.
Thank you all, every stitch even the dropped ones, were perfect.
Love Nora xxx


  1. So glad I could be a (tiny) part of this. I donated 3 squares, but sadly couldn't attend on the day as I have since then moved to Suffolk.

    Glad it went so well :)

  2. Oh it's bloody fantastic!!! I love all of the photos, the disguises were fab, the man on stilts seemed right at home and the car looks so great!
    Well don Ninjas...Now what?

  3. Oh, I am so pleased the day went so well for you all and it didn't rain YAY!!! It's great that all your hard work paid off so well. xx

  4. It looks amazing - well done Ninjas! You have come a long way from the railings, but how do you top that? A double decker?
    I love the disguises too, x

  5. Wow wow wow! Amazing, well done Knitting Ninjas! Looks awesome!
    Sally x

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  7. This is totally and utterly awesome.

    I am so pleased that my book was used to raise money for such a good cause and that you did such an amazing job on that car cosy.

    Knitted kudos to you all.

    Deadly Knitshade xxx


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