This weekend just gone some one very dear to all of our hearts,
but especially the boys hearts,
the Blonde Bombshell's Gemmie got married.
I, me, Nora thats me,
was asked to make an especially special gift to play an especially special and important role on the day.
A ring pillow.
Now I am not a smushy person, well not that smushy.
Well ok I am a wimp, and a woostie who really did cry real tears the other evening whilst explaining the plot of the Railway Children to some one.
"Daddy, Daddy, my Daddy!"
Ok stop now.
This could become messy.
Back to the point.
I am not really a mushy weddingy kind of gal.
I hate making wedding dresses and there are only a couple of people in the whole wide world I would make one for, and you know who you are.
But the idea of being allowed to do what ever I wanted was rather a welcome distraction at the moment.
But giving me free rein can be fatal.
And yet some how it turned out rather well and very weddingy.
A quick copy of a 1970's print of this Coleridge poem,

a selection of vaguely purple threads and a thrilling find of some shamrock themed vintage lace
(perfect for some one from an Irish family)
mixed with a healthy love of machine embroidery

and we had lift off.

Congratulations to Gemma and Nick.
Love Nora xx


  1. It looks beautiful. Been a long time since I went to a wedding. I am sure I would bawl like a baby. I can get oddly emotional about things like that.

  2. Oh crap I must be a hard b*&=h, I never cry at weddings.
    Love the text on the ring pillow - looks perfect.

  3. You're such a whoopsie, but I do like you X
    You are far too good at everything for your own good!!

  4. I've only just seen this!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH NORA!!! :D


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