I have a new friend.

Well actually we have been friendly for quite a while.
A like minded stitchy bloggy person.
We have been muttering about meeting up for ever.
So when I heard that a quilt she had made was going to be included in an exhibit at the bistro in John Lewis on Oxford St, I thought I should go and have a lookie.
When Colette found out I was planning to go she suggested we go together.
I envisioned an afternoon of interesting chat in a classy environment, copious drinking of tea and quaffing of cake, whilst the sun shone on the birth of a 
beautiful new friendship.

However is was a wet and dismal Friday at the end of half term.
I told the boys they had to look SMART, so the Ginger one strolled down stairs looking like Ali G's younger brother  and the bombshell managed to smear muck from the
 window of the bus all over himself.
Then I lost our travel cards and had to que for ever in an over crowded ticket hall at Victoria tube station to buy more.
Bang went the cool clam mother of two well behaved polite young darlings I had stupidly thought I could pull off.
Who was I trying to kid? 
I mean Colette reads this blog for Gods sake.
But it was a fab afternoon.
Its very strange to meet someone you think you know, but have never met.
It could all go horribly wrong so easily.
It didn't.
A friend asked me afterwards if Colette was as I had imagined she was.
And I have to say yes. 
I suspect we could have chatted all afternoon.
However there were 4 children.
Two of each, and after a rather shy start from Colette's girls they all ended up drawing disapproving glances from the other (posh) mostly child-free dinners.
Lots of loud giggling and running round the table whilst the adults half heartidly said things like
 "Sush" or "Sit down".
Really we were looking with envy at the couple with only one small shockingly well behaved child and saying wistfully things like "do you remember when you only had one?"
Oh and the quilt exhibition was fab.

I'm very intrigued to know if this scanny thingie
 works via the computer.

Let me know if you give it a go and it does.
I loved the portrait of the Queen

and really really loved the flower.

It is all hand sewn, tiny tiny squares about 1/2" large.
It is shown with the reverse as the right side as the texture is so amazing.
Its given me lots of ideas.
But really is there time in my life for quilting as well as every thing else?
If you want to read the other side of the story its here.
And truly she isn't exaggerating about the bum pinching.
Happy days. Happy friends old and new.
Sorry I've been gone so long, I had no idea its been nearly 2 weeks. Will try harder in the future.
Love Nora xxx


  1. I read your post like a poem - it is probably because of the poem-like lines. I love it. (Although I must admit that I don't understand just everything - doesn't matter - )

  2. looks like a great exhibition thanks for sharing the pics, glad meeting up went so well, it's good to be real as well as virtual friends!

  3. How ace to have met Colette! Ooh, wish I'd been there too. Of course that would have added one more banshee to the mix. I may only have one, but she's worth at least one and a half.
    Would have enjoyed those quilts too, still wanting to explore that business a little more, but as you say- is there time?
    Glad you made it!

  4. Wow! Those quilts are amazing! Sounds like a great get-together too :) I so know what you mean about meeting up with blogger friends, I've had a couple of experiences and they both turned out really well, but I have to admit I still hesitate... it's rather scary because you do realise 'OMG, I actually don't know this person!' I know it's stupid but I always think they are going to be so disappointed meeting me ;) So happy that yours went off well. I'm off to check out the other side now! Kx

  5. Hahaha! It was so good to finally meet up. I like your daydream of ladies who lunch, nothing like real life eh?
    Is there time for quilting? Probably not, it is ridiculously addictive, a VERY slow process, but lots of fun, and very inspiring, and you get to snuggle under something really beautiful (eventually). Come and join us.... you know you want to. ;)

  6. Lovely quilts - thanks for sharing!


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