There is a spanish proverb that goes like this
"Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend"
And let me tell you I have in my time had some mighty hugs from my Auntie B.

In all of my earliest memories Uncle D and Auntie B are there, woven in to the foundations of my life.
The small scar on my left knee, I got that because of a bit of over enthusiastic picking of a scab on my knee aged 4 in their back garden.
Memories of monopoly games that went on for days.
Cut throat card games.
A bottomless dressing up box from which my Grandmother masterminded epic plays for us to put on for the entertainment of the grown ups at Christmas.
And scones, always lots and lots of scones.
And then they are the parents of one of my most favourite people ever, so really there could never be a blip in my love for them.
Some times it is hard to tell some one how much they mean to you.
My friend Ali once told me to play to my strengths.
So I stitched up all my love and feelings for them, so that every time they looked at the picture they would know how important they are to me.

I have shown a work in progress of this before, so I thought I would share the finished article too.
This is the picture I took it from.

Taken in October 96 on a very wet day by my mother.
I had to do a lot of tweaking to get the photo to look this good!
The only thing I have to add now is that the faces were hard!
Man they were hard.
I knew they would be hard, but really, they were hard.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Fabulous!
    I'm sure they'll love it!

  2. It's absolutely beautiful. How could it not be with all that love stitched into it?

  3. Wow! Oh my, what a wonderful achievement... you so rock!
    Love it so much Jane. Congratulations - beautiful work! :) Kx

  4. what a lovely heartwarming post...lovely to read on a Monday morning!

  5. Brilliant. Such a wonderful tribute to your aunt and uncle and heavens you stitched up a work of wonder there. Bravo! That must have been tricky.

  6. That is brilliant! You did a fantastic job on the faces and I love the different fabrics you used.

  7. You're so right about aunts. I lost my dear AP three years ago and miss her every day. You did a great job here.

  8. That is amazing, not sure how I missed this until now. Incredible stuff, I'm sure they will love it dearly.

  9. Aunt you clever!
    I like the way you've captured their postures so well... and her flowery pants :-)

  10. They may of been hard but they are so good and so worth it! What a wonderful thing to make and share. Thanks

  11. So lovely. How did you do the faces?

  12. That is absolutely beautiful work. They sound such lovely people.


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