Yes its back after a very very long break.
If you are new to this and have no idea what I'm wittering on about you can see some previous tales here and here.
Basically its where I take a load of old scraps of fabric, stuff that would other wise be thrown away and 
make it in to something other than landfill.
If you want to join in too then you can get your own scrap bags more or less for free here.
I say more or less as sadly I do have to charge for p&p. I would love not to but I just aint that rich!
A friend of ours, lets call him Jon so he matches his card, has had a very special birthday.
He didn't want presents, well don't we all have enough junk?
But really when its a special birthday, shop just won't do.
So out came the old scrap bag and in a surprisingly short time one cricket themed card was produced.
I do love a bit of machine embroidery I have probably said this before but I find it a bit like meditation.
Concentrating on one creative process that just flows, shutting off all the other things. 
Its as if slowly the rest of the world fades away to a comforting background humm and its just me, the machine fabric and threads having a meaningful chat.
Any way there are lots of scrapbags in the shop so check it out if you feel the urge. 
There are also some rather interesting vintage ribbons and trims there too at the moment.
Have a fab weekend.
I'm off to immerse my self in the worlds of cycling and crochet.
And no they are not incompatible worlds, well not in my mind any way!
Love Nora xxx


  1. lovely...such a clever idea!

  2. I love your approach to embroidery, it inspires me. and also reminds me that a little 'scrap heap therapy' is in order!

  3. Very clever, I always find stitching something for blokes very tricky. Great job!

  4. Another winner! You are quite amazing Mrs :) I love my scraps... actually, it feels wrong calling them that because they are so beautiful and so far removed from anything I would consider a scrap. Thanks again for your wonderful generosity! Kx

    p.s. le tour le tour le tour le tour!!!! Your boy did well in the prologue :)


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