Well hello people, today I would like to invite you to something.
Something really rather special.
A date or for your diaries.


The Ninja knitters are at it again!
As part of the Streatham Festival 2012 they have been busy busy busy creating something amazing for your delectation and delight.


 "The Ninja Knitters are a fluid group 
of like - minded souls who, 
after many hours close study of such uplifting and enlightening texts as "Woman's Weekly" December 1972 edition and "Woman's Own" 1952 - 57, 
realised that the only way to live a good, clean and just life was to take up the needles,
 not in anger but in love!
Their new project, "The Fire Blanket", 
created especially for the Streatham Festival will transform Streatham Green into a woolly fire themed wonderland. With a yarn bomb spectacular, 
they will create a welcoming place for the people of Streatham to stop and stare, 
to meet new people, 
to pause and take a relaxing breath 
in the mad dash of life in SW16.
Come and meet the Ninjas, 
join them in a fireside chat 
and add to the instillation by making 
wooly fire flies to hang in the trees 
or make your own part of the lava flow to the newly erupted volcano."
 There will be 11 different fire themed scenes for you to gaze upon and the Volcanic explosion created in conjunction with the Woody Ninjas for you to 
admire and add to.
We will be at Streatham Green from 11 am till 4 pm on Saturday 7th July 
And the instillation will be up till the Sunday Evening.
It would be amazing to meet some of you there in person on the Saturday.
Though I must warn you, us Ninjas go about heavily disguised!
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Too far away! Boooooo

    Hope you ninjas have a fab time.

  2. I love your project - seeing it only now - nevertheless - lovely knitted objects - I was on facebook.


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