Yesterday whilst out rummaging through boxes of interesting stuff at a car boot sale I found this.

I realized it was some what seasonal as here in good old blighty its mother's day today.

Then whilst pottering in the garden early this morning I found this bunch of flowers fluttering on the washing line.

So I thought I would share them with you.
Happy Mother's day all you Mums out there.

That made me think that I haven't spent a Mother's Day with my Mum in a long time.
So I dashed in inside and made her a cup of tea and a plate of chocolate biscuits.

I even ironed a table cloth (choke, gasp)
so it would all be perfectimundo for her.
The kids picked some flowers and the scene was set,
even Rover the cat joined in.

It was only then that I remembered that Mum is away working in her
temporary job as a lion tamer
in Copenhagen.
Well Ma the thought was there and when you get back there will be a very cold cup of tea and some stale bickies waiting for you.


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