Just a quick note to say Happy new year to every one out there
who is kind enough to occasionally read this blog.
I am sitting down having a quick cuppa and a Tunnocks caramel wafer

drawing breath and mustering my strength before continuing with the clearing up from last night.
Thankfully the blonde one is asleep and the ginger one is happily talking to himself in his bedroom.
So far this new year is coming roses.
First I find out that the day of teaching I was supposed to be doing on Tuesday has been postponed till Thursday,
therefore extra holiday for moi.
Second I find out that school doesn't go back on Tuesday as I had thought
but on Wednesday.
Therefore extra holiday and cinema trip for the ginger one and moi.
Third I find out the job I should be starting tomorrow
and would mean me working very hard all week has been cancelled.
Therefore holiday till next Monday for Moi!
As Christmas is nearly officially over I thought I would share this pic of my present from my brother the trainee viking.

Hope 2011 brings you all the wonderful things you are dreaming of.
And as a friend pointed out to me earlier this year goes all the way to 11!
Love Nora xx


  1. Oooh a caramel wafer, drooling...

    Happy New Year to you - enjoy the extra time off, you know it will all get crazy again soon enough! x


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