If you read my post yesterday then you will know two things
1. The rain and lack of sunshine is making me very grumpy.
2. I spent most of yesterday trying to bulldoze my, some say shed, some say workshop in to some sort of order.
Well today the weather is no better, but I have a bit of free time to my self as I am not working and the blonde one is at preschool.
A rare and precious thing.
So I thought I would share with you some of my finds from the suburban archaeology I was conducting in afore mentioned workplace.
The 10.10.10 challenge is again on hold hoping for a better window of light.

I unearthed many interesting things I didn't even know I owned
Like this huge pile of linens, moleskins and corduroy.

These fabrics from my childhood
This one came from my Auntie Rose.

And this one was curtains in my bedroom.
I had matching wall paper, but only on one wall as it all came from Habitat and my parents could only afford a couple of rolls.

I bought this one on a trip to New York to stay with my lovely friend Sarah.
I remember it was hellishly expensive and I had great plans for it.
But that was 4 years ago and it still remains uncut!

A box full of the Hippy's experiments in wood. These are destined to be wall hooks one day.

Some mad 1950's fabric.

A pile of linings for one of the day jobs.

Art work for flyers for some of my previous events.

And finally the shelves of thread.
All tidy and neatly sorted (ish)

And the fabric at the beginning?
According to my mum it was a curtain in my uncle's bedroom in the way back years of the African interlude.
Happy productive wet and windy days to you all.
Off to the sea side tomorrow to blow away the cobwebs.
Love Nora


  1. Tidying up - well done! I like to nose around people's work spaces so thanks for the peek. I love the New York fabric, and your curtains, I'd quite like a rummage through it ALL actually.
    The Hippies hooks are great, I might have to 'borrow' that idea.

  2. Love the hooks. I always have a plan for reorganising my workroom or as they say here, ateljè ,but there is always just one more thing to do before...

  3. Hi Nora
    I hope you've had a wonderful day beside the sea :-) Next time we go to Lyme I'll send the place your love!
    And it pleases me greatly that your workshop can look as messy as mine often does - what a relief! there are so many neat tidy, preened workrooms in blogland I was beginning to think I was the only messy pup on the block ! he! he!
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  4. Good on you! I need to do a big reorganizing of mine. What fun fabrics you found and I do like the wood hooks idea!
    It is dark and wet here too and I've just about had enough of this gray soggy business, really. However, I am feeling blessed next to the poor folks in Queensland, so I shant complain.


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