Well I said I would do it, and this time I really have!
The recipe for making pre-school play cakes,
Plus some exciting news at the end of the post!

One length of fleece fabric roughly 28" long by 2" wide
Double sided sticky tape
Length of ribbon roughly 12" long
One button or bead and matching thread

Makes one cake. Some adult help and supervision required.

Step one.
Get a grown up to cut the fleece to size. 28" long by 1.5" wide at one end tapering to 1" wide at the other.
(if you want to make a bigger cake you will need a longer strip of fleece, otherwise it will turn out tall and thin!)

Step two.
Stick double sided sticky tape down the middle of the length of fleece and peel away the backing.

Step three.
Carefully roll up the length of fleece starting at the wide end and rolling towards the thin end.

Step four.
Your cake is now made, tap it on a work surface to give it a nice flat bottom.

Step five.
Tie the ribbon round the middle of the cake and tie in a bow.

Step six.
Get an adult to help you thread the needle and sew the button or bead on to the top of the cake.

Step seven.
Put your cake on a plate and await the arrival of a tiger.

And so to the exciting news.
Play cakes are not the only thing nora has been cooking up recently.
I took a bit of this

some of these

and mixed it all up with my new friend.

Its all in aid of Valentine's day.
Little declarations of love the Nora way.
Heavy on the humour, thin on the smush.
Tune in tomorrow and I will reveal all.
But not only that, oh no most certainly not, there will be treats too!
Yes thats right folks I'm having another giveaway.
The last one was such fun I just couldn't resist.
All you will need to do is whisper a little sweet nothing in my shell like ear and your name will be in the lucky mixing bowl.
So see you tomorrow when I'll tell you what I want you to whisper
and we will let the fun begin!
Love Nora xx


  1. I can't wait to see the rest, what a happy post! Oh my, V-Day is just 'round the corner isn't it? I'd best get cracking!


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