It is amazing what a bit of sun does to you isn't it?
All day long I was desperate to get up to the rookery and take my 10 photos.
But life just kept getting in the way, food shopping, swimming lessons, small grumpy boys needing a nap, realising just how filthy our bathroom really is after not having a light in it for 6 weeks and getting washed and dressed every day by candle light.
(Romantic though this notion is the Victorian bathroom experience has made me realise that time travel is probably not for me!)
So by 3 o'clock I realised it was now or never as the sun was beginning to slip down to the level of the roof tops.
I cut short my ambitious plans, grabbed the camera and legged it up to the memorial gardens just at the top of the road.
I find war memorials incredibly moving and atmospheric, and I often wonder how the wreaths on our one don't blow away as it is on quite an exposed corner.
I like to think its because they know they have a job to do and are proud to
battle against the elements
and I will not entertain any thoughts of men from the royal legion coming round with a hammer and little metal pins to fix them in to the ground with.
Any way wouldn't you stay put if you had this guy staring down at you?

I was trying really hard to get more light, colour and texture in to the photos and I'm reasonably happy with the results.

If its sunny again today I may try and slope of work for a bit and take the pictures I planned yesterday, then again I did spot that a wonderful local derelict house was being boarded up on Saturday and I may have to get over there before there is nothing but a pile of rubble left to see.
Happy Monday.
Love Nora xx


  1. Hooray for some sunshine! That chap is a little intimidating, memorials just make you stop don't they, so moving.
    Great rocks too, but I want to reach out and touch them.

  2. p.s. i meant also to wish you a lovely week xxx

    i was momentarily stunned there by all your wonderful photos in this and the post below (where i've also left a comment).



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