My little blonde bombshell has one.
Holly came to visit us about 8 months ago.
She is not as constant as some children's friends,
I don't have to set a place for her at the table.
But she does make an appearance most days.
Some days she is small enough to fit in his hand,
some days she is the same size as he is.
Some days she is 3 somedays she is 10.
Today we settled on 5.
Because out of the blue and without any forewarning it was apparently her birthday today.
This of course has nothing to do with blondie's own upcoming birthday and his
obsession with cake
(inherited in a direct line from his mother).
The christmas polar bears gladly gave up their brief lives for the purposes of
atmosphere creation.

The cakes were made and 5 birthday candles selected.
The lights were dimmed the traditional song sung,
but poor Holly, she just couldn't some how find the puff to blow out the candles.
What to do?
Manfully the blonde one stepped in to the breach and filled his lungs.
And just like that in a puff of smoke all was back to normal.

It has to be said that the love of cake is not the only thing he inherited down the maternal line.
For I too once imagined I had a friend.
Her name was Kate.
She was a good friend,a constant friend, a loyal friend,
a friend of many years standing.
Well she was until my father killed her off in a tragic bus accident when I was aged 7.
Such are the burden's we have to shoulder in life.
Love Nora xx


  1. oh you do make me smile :oD

    love your adventuous, imaginative spirit too (which your children have obviously inherited).

    i have now started my own blog, a few days ago. totally boring compared with yours though. i shall have to visit you more for inspiration ;o)

    love and hugs xxx


  2. That really made me chuckle! My eldest son had an imaginary friend called "Wogie". He disappeared gradually over the space of a few weeks, only to re-appear a little while later as my YOUNGEST son's friend. We still talk about him, he usually gets the blame for spilling ketchup on the table or eating the last chocolate biscuit. (I'm a bit worried as today I shouted out loud at Wogie for using the last of the loo roll, and I LIVE ALONE!) Where's me tablets? :O) SueXXX

  3. Alas, poor Kate! How dreadful and sudden a passing, did you weep? Was there a funeral? What was her favorite color?

    Happiest of Birthdays to Holly though! What a lucky thing to have such fines cakes and Polar Bear candles! And such a good friend as the Blonde Bombshell!

    Pony Girl has the occasional 'sibling' show up, only to be swiftly, but certainly most tragically, killed off in some terrible accident whilst on an adventure in China or Paris. She's a morbid little duck sometimes, too many Disney movies I think.

  4. Does Kate ever visit you as a ghost?

    Hooray for getting into their heads, we had a 'party' for a teddy not so long ago, with real cake and candles and a present (a freebie with a box of tea), Mr thought I was mad.

    Missy Big's invisible friend hasn't been around for a while, I think I miss Kelachi.
    And I haven't seen mine for years, come back Gloggie, I'd love to see you again.

  5. All hail the imaginary friend. Some think we are odd, some think we are bonkers, some find us slightly scary. We are but not for the reasons they think!


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