After an exhausting morning surrounded by excited pre-school tigers, with lots of roaring, face painting, crafting and finally story telling, I, me, Nora was feeling
some what pooped.
So the blonde bombshell and I spent what was supposed to be,
but didn't quite turn out to be,
a quiet, relaxing, bonding afternoon making button biscuits.

Ho Humm such are the best laid plans etc etc.
Still they tasted great.

I got the idea and recipe here.
Soon I shall return telling you further tales of pre- school tigers but until then here is a taster.

Love Nora xxx


  1. Hi Nora
    Button biscuits sound like lots of fun!
    I love the book selection in your previous post, and was delighted to see Rosie's Walk there too - such a wonderful book, such amazing illustrations!
    Happy days to you
    D x

  2. Simple ideas are always the best, have a feeling I'll be making some soon!

  3. Well, it may not have gone as planned but, you did get button biscuits in the end, and that's good!


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