Today being an overcast January Saturday.
Added to the house being too full of small boys with too much energy to be able to comfortably relax a trip to one of London's best kept secrets was in order.
Although well known to every one especially those with small children with in a 5 mile radius I'm not that sure if The Horniman Museum is known that further afield.
It has been one of our habitual haunts since the ginger one arrived.
And Hooray and Hurrah the Walrus was back from his holidays.

I had great plans for pictures in the museum.
Both boys were keen to join in the challenge and the stop watch function on the phone was tested.
But then, there is always a but then, I was seduced by a gate post on the brief walk from the car.

And so it all began.

Never mind thought I, we can all do another one, or 3, when we arrive.
But trying to keep tabs on two boys, one of whom has a tendency to bolt like a startled horse as soon as you blink
it soon became startlingly clear that any use of the stop watch was going to be defunct.

The second mosaic is just the best of the shots I took over about an hour and a half.
But at least it may give you a feeling of how eclectic the museum really is.

The boys both took photos, the best of which I have put on Flickr.
Happy weekending.
Love Nora xx


  1. What a wonderful place! Yes, I can imagine a 10 minute limit with 2 smalls, one being a runner, would be futile...still I love what you have captured!
    The top mosaic is great as well, it has me singing "Signs" by The 5 Man Electrical band from the 70's!

  2. I admire you for taking photos when your hands are already full! Thank you for sharing your visit to the museum with all of it's very interesting and special things (little Sherri is afraid of the 'heads').

    I left a comment earlier..It must be out in cyber space somewhere?..Have a good evening.

  3. Oh wow, thats a blast from the past. Seems like a lifetime ago we used to all go there and have to fight for highchairs in the cafe! We used to take over the cafe then and we only had 3 or 4 kids between us - can you imagine if we took them all now? We'd have to hire the place! Seeing the walrus has brought a tear to my eye! I see the bees are still there too. We'll have to visit there again one day.....thanks for the trip down memory lane XXX

  4. I just heard of this place recently, though it could take me all day to get there (I'm in Harrow). Looks as odd as I thought it would be - great pictures though.

  5. oh i love The Horniman's Museam, i once (many moons ago) lived in Blackheath london and as it is not such a terrible distance from there, i visit often with my then very small eldest sons who always found it fascinating.

    thank you so much for the memories.


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