Yes? I hear you utter, very nice, but what the hell is it?

Well its the latest in a little experiment in self portraiture going on over here.
Its a picture of my reflection in the rear window of our car,
hence the strange orange lines.
I took the pictures in the glamorous location of the car park on
Hastings sea front at the weekend.
The grainy texture of the pictures was achieved by carefully positioning the car at a precise angle to the afternoon sun so its rays refracted back through the space time continuum and opened a portal to another photographic dimension.
who even so much as mentions the words
"dirt" or "car wash"
will be banned forthwith and never allowed to darken my door again.
Take heed!
Love Nora xxx


  1. Shame your car is so clean - you could have drawn a fabulous hat on the window otherwise. ;)

  2. It's only the dirt and mouldy raisins and biscuits that are holding my car together at the moment (inside and out). Dare not wash it in case I have to get a new one! Shiny cars are for vain people. Lovin the pics XX

  3. Ooh, I quite like that! Very creative and your car looks a lot cleaner than ours. The weather has been so foul that I haven't taken any pics - self portrait or otherwise.
    Ha, I love Carrie's comment about what's holding her car together.


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