Today is a day of three parts. The beginning, the middle and the end.
It was a kind of photographic, work sandwich.
It was the beginning and the end of my working week,
with a large dollop of students as a sticky, gooey filling.

On my way to the bus stop I was thinking how much I hated cold wet damp mornings.
And that this could well scupper my plans for a lunch time ten minute ramble with my camera taking interesting, thought provoking and engaging pictures.
But then I started to notice the beauty in what is often termed round here as the tunnels of death, a very long cut through running along and under the railway lines.
Actually I was having so much fun I had to stop my self because a. its against the rules and b. I was going to be late for the bus.

I was I can tell you feeling rather pleased with my self as I strolled home from the station this afternoon after a hard day at the coal face.
And then it happened again, the last rays of the sun caught the rain drops on the plants at the top of my road.
So I thought what the hell what are rules for if not to be broken?
To be honest I could probably done 10 of these today.

The thing I am learning through this project is that every thing is interesting, you just have to look at it properly. You don't need to wander far and wide, all the pictures in the second set are from the same garden.
I am tempted to take ten pictures of a brick wall and see how they turn out.
But maybe that may be a step too far!
If you want to play along too go and check out Nancy at Fledge for all the details
Love Nora xx


  1. Ooh Nora, I love these! A study in grays and greeny browns. Sounds like we both had good soggy photo days! I like what you said about everything being interesting, you just have to look at it true. I'm so glad you are playing along, I love seeing what everyone is coming up with.

  2. The first set are stunning, I LOVE them. I just joined in too, hoping the rain will stop though as I want to be out taking pictures.

  3. Amazing pics. I think you've captured the essence of how we're supposed to live...see the beauty. xxAxx

  4. Love BOTH sets! :) I too am finding that I don't have to 'go' somewhere. All 4 days so far are around the house or the farm, and I am thinking up way more little themes than there are days left!


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