The only way to preserve sanity on a morning as wet as this one was to get out the house.
Thankfully someone very sensible decided to take all us rain sodden Mum's in hand and suggested a trip to the local soft play centre.

The children can run around endlessly and we can consume our own body weight in tea and coffee whilst putting the world to rights.
There are all sort of rules about taking photos in places like this one
which usually say don't, cease and decist, stop it, NO!
So I had to be a bit underhand and sneaky.
Which is why most of the pictures are of the debris on our table.

Still it was fun discussing the project with every one.
If you want to see more 10.10.10's then check out these sites.

Love Nora xx


  1. Funny how really ordinary things look good when grouped nicely, love those yellow shelves - very cheery on a dull day.
    My mind is ready for this now (bit slow I know) I have some rainy day ideas, thankfully.

  2. Ooh, wish we had a park like that for after school. How fun to sit with other mums and discuss the project, I think I need more mommy friends!


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