Hi my name is Spike, you may know me as the Ginger Ninja.
I locked my mum in the bathroom because she kept asking me to tidy my room.
Its the last day of the holidays and I'm not doing it!
Sorry could you hold on a moment as i need to see what my mum is screaming about.
In the mean time would you like to see some photos I took?

Ok back now.
May be the ferret in the bathroom was not a good idea!
For some reason she wasn't very happy when it bit her on the bum!
I took these photos when I was out with my Dad at the Turkish supermarket.
I've enjoyed hijacking Mum's blog and I may be back soon.
Better go now as she's making a lot of fuss.


  1. Dear Spike
    Have you really got a ferret? Is it a he or a she?
    From Samuel

  2. Is that who was making all that racket. Please treat Jane gently remember that a mum is for life not just for christmas. xx Ali

    ps. love the photos

  3. Hello Spike.
    It's nice to meet you.
    You are a good speller as well as being a bit of a tearaway.
    What was the best thing in the Turkish supermarket?
    Love, Bobbie x

  4. Hi Spike,

    Cool blog, I´d keep her in there if I was you, she´ll be in a stinkingly bad mood when she gets out!

    Love Gitte

  5. Hi Spike,

    Great photos - just give your Mum a cup of tea and a bit of cake, I'm sure she'll soon calm down and enjoy the peace.


  6. Hi Spike,
    I think your photos are fab. I'll show noah when he comes home. He got a new camera for Christmas and has been taking photos of everyone and everything. Did you have a good Christmas?
    Love Carrie x

  7. Hi Spike
    The photos are great ,really colourful.
    The chickens ...Nemo and Celia said to say hello to you,they haven't seen you for a long time.

    Love from Jules,Dave,Nemo and Celia xx

  8. Dear Spike

    Awesome pictures and I hope you let Jane out of the bathroom soon - she might have sewing to do!

    Love Esme

  9. great pictures....Soul loved them xxx

  10. Nat says...

    Thanks for the tip - I'll try that one.

  11. Hi Spike
    Louis wondered whether you had to use any of your wrestling moves to get her in the bathroom.
    Love Louis xxx

  12. Hey Spike,

    Cool pics! I usually can't even get mine focused properly, let alone come up with such good composition. Well done matey, keep it up. xxAmandaxx

  13. Naughty Spike and Naughty ferret! :O) SueXXX

  14. Hi Spike, Still into the wrestling? Both Fred and Abby are Kung Fu fans and there is a big debate in our house as to who would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Lots of Love Uncle Matthew

  15. Cristina Fernandez4 January 2011 at 23:29

    I love the picture of the oranges, you are a true artist!
    I think I enjoy your blog more than your mum's, your is much funnier! I love the part about biting her in the bum! really funny!

  16. Hi Spike
    Next time lock mummy outside in the cold....she won't be able to shout so loud when her teeth are chattering!

    Your photos are great..send us one of the ferret.

    Amy, Jonathan and Austin xxx

  17. Love the hairy coconuts! Expect you and your Mum are recovered now.. Any news on the condition of the ferret? Auntie Sandy

  18. Great Uncle Tom & Aunt Sue6 January 2011 at 20:21

    Hi Spike
    Great Blog & LOVE your photos!

  19. Dear Spike
    I really like the idea of putting your Mum in the bathroom with a ferret. I really like your pictures my favourite is the one of the hairy coconuts maybe we could go there and set up a coconut shy
    Yours sincerely


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