As the dull grey days continue, the rain it doth not goeth away.
I find my self becoming grumpy and grouchy.
And no one loves a tall, ginger, slightly (Ahem) over weight woman in her middle years with a cob on.
I want sunlight and I want it now.
So I spent the morning grumbling away to myself in my shed, pottering around trying to find some one apart from my good self to blame for the terrible mess that the old work space is in.
But as luck would have it my glamorous assistant has run away to the ballet, so there was only mine own self to shoulder it.
Harrumph! Harrumph!
But then I mooched back to the kitchen to make a quick cuppa tea in my most beloved
I returned pronto with a skip in my step and camera in hand.
It wasn't sunny but it was WARM!
So lovely was it I spent a happy hour post lunch working with door open breathing the fresh(ish) air and feeling rejuvenated.

So with my newly found skip in my feet I spent 10 minutes in the garden and found some really rather surprising results.

Its Friday tomorrow, let us all rejoice and be happy.
Love Nora xx


  1. Carmen here, love the olive cans, hmmm - earrings perhaps?


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