Yes people thats right we are talking caterpillar's here.
Very hungry caterpillars to be precise.

Last Wednesday was a cold and clear morning is this sleepy sunny corner of south London.
Who knew what was about to happen?
I thought I knew it all.
Ruth knew most of it.
The blonde bombshell and about 20 odd other little ones had an inkling.
Not so long ago I had an idea, a little idea, a germ of an idea.
It grew, as these things do very very quickly, and became a big fat idea.
I put it to Ruth who runs Tot Spot our local play group, she loved it, lots of mum's offered to make cakes and the lovely Caroline volunteered to face paint.
For some time I have been becoming increasingly interested in the idea of getting really young children to sew.
The youngest I have ever had in one of my classes was only 3.
But then back in september I ran a drop in session as part of the Bermondsey St festival. At which lots of mums turned up with under 3's in tow. I was so surprised at what they achieved, It was an avenue just screaming to be explored by Nora, so I did.

Who doesn't love Eric Carle and his beautiful books?
One evening while reading "The very hungry caterpillar" to the blonde one I realised the solution to my ponderings and musings.
Fast forward to last Wednesday.
The Tot Spot butterfly and caterpillar morning arrived.

The children came dressed up

Had their faces painted

and sewed.

We made caterpillars out of pompoms and oggly googly eyes.

Which the children then used to help tell the story.
Ah yes the story!
That was my favourite bit.
I had rehearsed it on my two darlings, I had planned it, I had worked out what I wanted to have happen when and how.
But I now realise how naive I was!
It started according to plan

but then the children picked it up and made it their own.
Brilliant, a huge gaggle of pre schoolers all crowding in trying to get the closest

shouting out the loudest

waving their caterpillars the highest

eating the most apples, pears, plumbs and strawberries.

And then
And then
And then.

The cocoon.

And then
And then
And then

the butterfly

emerging from the cocoon

(So hard so difficult, all that nibbling wasn't getting any where.
But there were so many willing helpers.)

and flying away.

Hopefully the kids learnt a little bit about sewing,
and I defiantly learnt a lot about children, sewing and story telling.
Such fun.
Love Nora xx


  1. wow, that looks so much fun! you should take bookings for parties!

  2. Oh Nora, this is so wonderful and reminds me of my very happy days teaching Reception children, way back when. I love the Hungry Caterpillar, as you say, who doesn't? You are so right though, children can sew or create all kinds of things if we adults just let them have the space to enjoy it :-) Great for you for doing this :-)
    Denise x

  3. Nora this is such a lovely post! What a magical time those children must have had. Thank you for sharing your blog name in response to my post. My grandma used to say 'flaming nora' too!

  4. What fun - who doesn't love that story? It's so great to see little ones making stories come alive - they'll treasure the memories of that day forever. So what's your next story to be?

  5. Thanks every one for all your encouraging comments.
    Colette it going to be a the Tiger who came to tea. But now I've told you we both have to eat our laptops. xx

  6. Loved the Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis...COOL!!!

    Kids all looked like they had a laugh...did you tie some of them to the large butterfly?

    Simon xxx


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