So recently I have been doing a bit of pondering and a bit of musing on some of the more dusty and ancient parts of British history.
The bit so dim and distantly in the past that only fusty old men in
dusty old offices are really interested in it.
Well them and any women of my mother's generation who have a healthy interest in
Yes folks I am talking Vikings here.
And I came to the conclusion that a bit of redress was needed.
So I packed the whole Flaming family off to Copenhagen for a few days of
pillaging, marauding and running amuck.
More years ago than we all care to remember My baby brother ran away with a
busty Viking maiden.
In these days of small children and financial insecurity we don't all seem to able to
get together that often.
However the Ginger Ninja's school did us a massive favour by tacking not one but two inset days on to the beginning of half term.
So with cheep mid week easy jet tickets in our pockets we set off for the airport.

Upon arrival and after the obligatory cuddles and kisses with long lost nieces and nephews, we set to learning how to make Danish pastries.

Teaching my two and a half yr old niece English.

Tempting wildlife in to the garden.

Yes they really do have proper Squirrel Nutkins over there,
none of the grey invaders to be seen.

Recognising family traits.


Only the Danish would have invented a scrumping tool.

We also saw one of these, not something you see every day.

Neither in fact is this, A rare view of a Scandinavian lizard found under a log during a walk in the woods.

Auntie Gitte opened her hair dressing salon in the dining room

and the blonde bombshell came out with a distinct scandie twist.

But I think my favourite part of the holiday was the trip to the Copenhagen Children's Museum.
A really really inspiring place. Engaging on every level for both children and adults, with no electronic displays, no flashing lights and nothing put away in glass cabinets.
The first area was about how we used to live

Apart from the washing hanging out to dry and an old earth closet for the kids to wonder at (thankfully not in use so not realistic smells)
there was a working Victorian classroom complete with chalks and slates to do our lessons on.

After that there was a mini trip round the cultures of the world ending in a beautiful Indian store, complete with gorgeous fabrics on the roll, all of which the children could play with.

Then we went hard and fast in to a bit of hardcore Viking heritage.
with castles to explore, long bows to shoot, horses to saddle up and mount and a replica Viking long boat to hoist the sails on.

Next stop Valhalla.
I don't think I have ever been to such an interactive children's museum before, and I certainly haven't been to one as hands on or as low tech as this. I wish we had one in London, I think I would go every day!
Love Nora x


  1. Hello Nora
    Thanks for visiting my place - and yes, you must pay a trip to Bath next year :-)
    Oh, lucky you for having a trip to Denmark! I love the sound of the children's museum and the little one's hair cut is fab :-)
    We went to Denmark a couple of years ago and fell in love with the place and the culture - would happily return any time very soon !!
    Denise x

  2. That museum sounds fantastic! Looks like a good trip. Nice haircut :)

  3. Wow what an amazing trip. So great to see Denmark - my Mum lived over there for a while, before she had me and still talks of it often, it really had an impact on her life.
    That museum looks wonderful, I fancy a trip over there now. Oh and those pastries, my mouth is watering - please share how to make them! x


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