The last two weeks have been all about note books.
Not one but two decorative journal workshops here and here.
As the Flaming Nora Autumn programme is coming to an end I am starting to breath a sigh of relief. Its been great fun, but quite hard work, especially as my day jobs (costume maker, teacher, mother) have been somewhat mental and all consuming.
Now I only have two Hen parties, a christmas garland workshop, a kids christmas sewing workshop and a "get to know your sewing machine" workshop to organise. Not much eh?
If you are interested in any of the above check out the swanky new and improved autumn schedule button on the right. New and swanky due to the non steam driven computer prowess of my little baby brother, who happens to have somehow become a very sensible grown up computer wizzy wizzer.

But back to the journals,
at Bermondsey Fayre we drank wine, ate cheese

and made these.

Where as at the Earl Ferrers we drank beer and large gin and tonics and made these.







Sorry about the tenney tiny quality of the pictures,
but it is due to my own technical ineptitude.
I forgot to take my camera to the workshop, so the lovely Wendy took the pics for me on her phone, but when she emailed them they were very small.
And being me rather than my wanna be Viking baby Bro it looks like they are staying teeny tiny for a while.

I had such a great time with the journals, but then my first ever job was as a Saturday girl at Rymans. There is something about stationary that is just so irresistible. We all decided they would make the perfect hand made christmas present, so much so that I have decided to spread the note book love a little and will be posting a how to tutorial next week.
It will be my first tutorial and i'm rather excited about it.
I will be back soon with a tale about
a very hungry caterpillar and a room full of very excited children.
Oh and the tutorial.
Wishing you a relaxing weekend.
Love Nora xx


  1. Dear Nora
    Oh the journal covers look so lovely and each one is so unique! I love that! And like you I can't resist Stationery in any shape or form - love it!
    Thank you for your very kind and heartwarming words about our special family news - I really appreciate it! Hugs to you,
    Denise x

  2. Two wizzy wizzers! With 4 lovely children. I feel soppy :-) Bxx

  3. You are right, journals in the air! What a fun workshop, seems I would have a grand time at one of your workshops! Yes, stationery, school supplies, office stuff...really paper goods of all kinds, I do love it so!

  4. My they look terribly serious - and with such good posture! But what great work your ladies did. x


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