Day twenty five
A small homage to the greatest Christmas song ever made in another rusty old tin.

The background is a snowy scene of Broadway printed on to some silk organza with the words of the song embroidered over the top.

I know there is a huge chunk of the song missing between the beginning and end of the lyrics included in this piece, but hey there really isn't the room for them all. So I picked my favourites.

Who knew that a. drawing pins could ever come in such a pleasing tin and b. it was probably made before the song had even become a twinkle in Shane Macgown and Jem Finer's eyes.
Giving unloved objects an extra layer of history makes me very happy.

Though I do feel the broadway scene is missing something, possibly some Christmas sparkle and glitz. I shall sleep on it.
This is more or less the last piece I have made for the Mad Old Cat Lady open studios this weekend. 
I am thinking of reopening my Folksy shop and putting any unsold items in it on Sunday, hopefully this is a good idea!
Love Nora xxx


  1. Love that song, my favourite, it's not Christmas until I hear it xx

  2. Love this and love the song. Heard it for the first time this year tonight in a shop. Must drive the shop assistants batty by Christmas time. Xx

  3. Two great creations in one place (song & sewing), it doesn't get any better. And yes, Folksy shop please. xxAxx

  4. You've really done something with this old tin. I also love that tune, and actually have Broadway at the corner of my street. Perhaps the person who might eventually be the possessor of thsi marvelous tin will have enough open space to add a bit of his/her own Christmas memories.



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