DAY 31
So I have  more or less done it, blogged every day for a month (with a couple of gaps). 
31 posts in 34 days.
Its blooming nearly finished me off!
I would never have thought it would have been quite so hard.
But on the upside it has got me thinking about this blog again, thinking about what I want to write, taking pictures, enjoying writing again.
I still have mixed feelings about blogging, when I started, oh so long ago it was fun, there was a great sense of community and mutual support.
Although these things haven't gone they just don't seem to be as important as they once were. But I guess this happens when ever a field becomes commercialised. The relentless self promotion just isn't for me, I don't have the time nor the inclination. Which is part of the reason I was finding it so hard to blog. I know I am not the only one of us who feels this way. I have seen once prolific bloggers dwindle to one post a week, to once a fortnight, to very occasional.
But its not all bad, this month has reminded me of what I loved about blogging so I guess I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet!

And in between blogging, sewing, Christmas shopping and coping with overexcited end of term melt downs form the boys I have been making decorations.
I used this tutorial from Patchwork Heart.
They are making me very happy!
I shall return, may be tomorrow may be next week, its nice to have no pressure.
I may also now have time to actually visit some of your places and leave comments of the encouraging nature that you have all left for me.
Thank you its been wonderful reading all the messages every one has left, and it would appear I have made some new mates along the way, so hurrah all round on that one!
Love Nora xxxx


  1. These are fab. Wish I could crochet. All the good stuff seems to be crochet. Glad you are still going to blog. I think your work is really inspirational. Nice to see some seeing with creativity and not just making another beginner project. Xxxx

  2. How you've managed to complete the task I don't know but you can relax now. Lovely baubles. x

  3. 31 in 34 days.
    Respect !!
    I would go freakin' mad just by trying to do it...
    On the other hand, I really liked reading a post of you every day... Any chance you will go on with your one-a-day project ? ;-)

  4. great baubles Jane...I know what you mean about the community spirit in blog world. I still get that, I have made some amazing connections. You have too, even if you don't realise it. You have me!!! OK...if I'm the best you can do give up now lol....I hope you and yours have a magical Christmas. Oh, and I forgot to say....I was talking about you last time I was in London to an art student who was working part time in a vintage shop in Shoreditch. Your fame spreads far and wide!! (she had recently left the world of costume design/production)

  5. Nora, I have really enjoyed your sustained burst of beautiful holiday posts. Bravo! And many thanks for giving the rest of us great pleasure in sharing your fine spirit. The generosity that is apparent in your posts is the quality that I love to encounter in blogging and try to deliver myself.

    The baubles in the photograph are similar to some I have made in the past. I love the many possibilities of color combos, and how those color choices make the very same design look so different. And Nora...this year I have yet to crochet a single bauble, or make pomanders, or find time for many other December pursuits that I do enjoy. Ahh well, on the other hand, I have be busy doing lots of other things that have been great fun. And...there are still a few days left before Christmas!

    Maybe I will even get ahold of some egg nog. Happy Christmas. xo

  6. I've really enjoyed your blog-a-day effort, thank you! My own blog has been neglected lately, maybe I should follow your example...

  7. I hope you don't blog off...where else could I find Granny bauble inspiration? xx

  8. Well done on your blog a thon!!! I have loved reading your comments. Happy Christmas x

  9. Your baubles make me happy, too - have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year.


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