Fiddling about with yarn and sticks to while away a long winter evening.


Thought it would look fun if it was actually done directly on to the branch of a tree.
It would hang down like flags.
But I suspect it may make the arms ache doing it.
Humm food for thought.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Lovely yarn. The colours are great. Doesn't it rub and get caught on the bark? A tree would look great in this. Xx

  2. I've just got out the yarn. I don't think I remember what to do with it though...

  3. Perhaps that's where 'fiddlesticks' comes from...please don't climb a tree and do that, I want you home for Christmas! xx

  4. That's interesting. How did you get it to loop on with all those loops, as i thought crochet only had one "active" loop at a time?


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